What Makes Cable Connectors?

As with any product which requires high connectivity and adaptability, you’ll find that there are many different factors which make up cable connectors with each individual part being necessary for the general functionality.

Cable Connectors Guide takes a look at some of the parts of your everyday cable connectors.


In general terms, this is the armour of your connector which enables functionality over a prolonged period of time.

An instance in which they are at their most useful is when there is outside interference which causes abrasion and therefore, deteriorates the quality of you connector. With a casing made of the most durable materials (metals etc.) from the best supplier, your cable connector will have added longevity.


Think of the lobby of a hotel when it comes to describing this aspect of a cable connector as it essentially acts as the support for the bottom of the whole product.

This useful bit of kit can be used in panel mounting, surface mounting or cable connector hoods which speaks volumes for its usefulness and how dependent on it the cable connector as a whole is.

Cable GlandsGland

Essentially, this is the connecting point between the connector itself and an external cable and is possibly the most vital part of the whole product.

The most common term used for this for the casual market is that it is the “bridge” between two items and is always made to the highest standard to ensure that it achieves longevity and a stabilised connection.


As the name suggests, these are what lies within the housing of the connectivity and mainly comprises of the cable itself and all other forms of connectivity requirements.

It is of a compact nature which is full of different factors, all necessary for the consistent stream of currents and for regulating them to the required location.

Available in either male or female inserts, these multi-pin products are perfect for slotting in tight and narrow.

These simple yet hugely necessary items are each and all available individually from the best suppliers who will then combine them all via their team of specialists.

Contact one today for all your cable connectors needs.


Why You Need Circular Connectors for Your Business

circular connectorsAnyone who’s worked in the robotics industry will know that although all the technologies may be forever changing, the implementation of useful tools like circular connectors in their inner workings have been consistent throughout.

As they’re made of the most flexible yet robust materials, their usefulness when it comes to the movement of, for instance, a robotic arm is absolutely ideal. Not only will circular connectors be able to enable rotation to a variety of angles, they’ll also offer robust and defensible properties to the effects of exertive pressure over time. This means that as frequently as you utilise the function of a circular connector, their quality will not degrade.

In casual terms, these pioneering innovations manage this thanks to their swivel base mechanism which offers plenty in the way of movement. This allows the ratchet concept and therefore, the variety of degrees available is increased exponentially and adapts to its environment, just as the field of robotics does itself.

Another field which a circular connector has a proven track record in is the industry of automation where it is expertly implemented in the function of servo motors.

In the household, you’ll most commonly find servo motors present in your regular remote-controlled cars that the children play with but in the industrial sense, they are present across many applications.

For the interior of the servo motor, all you’ll notice is the bare basics as it’s all they require although they are still capable of packing quite a lot of power based against its small circumference. A potentiometer, D motor and control circuit are the only necessary components which then work in correlation with the connector to be enabled.

An innovation of the past but still one for the future, circular connectors will seemingly always have a home in the automation and robotic sectors.


Cable Glands

Cable GlandsAn essential aspect of many working sectors is the right use of cables for the correct and most efficient running of your equipment. For a more streamlined production, it is an essential that all your cables and connectors have maximum connectivity and cable glands are a vital tool in accomplishing this.

Some of the more common applications for these superb fittings is for control equipment and for the machine tool industry. They enable a correct flow of electricity from its origins into the “hub” of the target area to help produce power.

Bulkheads are commonly known to provide issues when it comes to currents but glands are the perfect accompaniment to them. Additionally, they are regularly utilised in instances where the cable may need strengthening due to extensive pressure being exerted on it. It relieves strain and assures the product of a longer lifespan – great for any industrial businesses that are after reliability.

A highly versatile product such as a cable gland will inevitably come in many different versions, each suited to the tone of its application. Depending on the scale of the operation, the main materials which comprises the gland can vary from plastic, brass, aluminium and stainless steel. Plastic is ideal for lower-scale projects whereas a stainless steel counterpart is a must for larger operations where there will be great amounts of pressure on your cables continuously.

Cable glands are a help when it comes to ensuring health and safety guidelines are all met also. If you’re using a low-end gland which looks like it may break within a few uses, there’s a greater risk of it damaging the equipment and even worse, employees in the surrounding area. Therefore, make sure you invest in nothing but the premium.

Throughout the application of electricity, you will find that cable glands are a major asset when dealing with electrical power, telecommunication cables and control. As such a versatile and robust product, a single gland should last after strenuous activity for many years (especially in its stainless steel form).

The range of glands most suitable to you with a whole array of different forms for different usages is SKINTOP. Whether your cable is made of copper or if it’s something more lightweight such as nylon, you can be assured that the perfect cable is available.


Cable Harness Assembly in the News

cable assembliesWith the supposed constant depletion of natural resources which are used for fuel, alternatives are considered regularly by energy experts. With plans for the world’s first fuel cell powered being unveiled, the future looks ever more interesting for the implementation of a cable harness assembly in automation.

The Japanese firm Toyota revealed their grand design at the Tokyo Motor Show to much aplomb with many rival manufacturers also planning energy conservative cars for direct competition after Toyota’s lines are rolled out for commercial use in 2015.

The official PR line from Toyota is certainly one with resounding confidence in their innovations:

“FCVs are powered by fuel cells, which generate electricity from hydrogen, which is not only environmentally friendly and highly energy-efficient, but can also be produced using a variety of readily available raw materials. Thanks to these characteristics, fuel cell vehicles are ideal for achieving sustainable mobility. Therefore, Toyota is striving to make this vehicle technology widely available as soon as possible.”

Hyundai are already in contention for mass production for as soon as next year with Honda expected to follow suit after a similar unveiling of their FCEV effort in the past week. Although not without its deriders, the market for fuel cell powered cars looks like expanding.

The main pulling power of these innovations that have raised eyebrows all over the industry is that they are completely emission-free. Suburban pollution is constantly on the rise with places such as China extremely polluted; partly down to emissions from cars and larger vehicles. According to experts, 16 of the world’s 20 cities with the highest levels of pollution are in China.

Although understandable down to the mass populous and industrial effects, there’s been a call for countries to attempt to decrease their pollution levels and this is something that automotive manufacturers look like trying to achieve with their economic machines.

How will this be achieved? Although it will patently be more complicated than it sounds, hydrogen is utilised for garnering electricity which can then power the engine. The excess from this process is purely heat and water which in its essence offers no negative influence on the atmosphere.

Conversely, fuel cells will be able to exceed the typical parameters (which can often be deficient) found in battery-operated cars. This means they will be able to travel long distances without the need for a long charge and this is a factor and almost blight for every electric car owner to consider whenever they take to the road.

With such high demand likely to be in store for car manufacturers for the foreseeable future after these recent announcements, the implementation of cable harnesses is also only likely to increase.

As they are such versatile and compact items which also boast safety, there’s always been a demand for cable harnessing across many different varieties. As they combine a plethora of different cables together, a cable harness assembly provides a much safer and dependable option when storing and maintaining your cabling across many industries.