Automation Cables and Four Other Lapp Services to Consider

Lapp servicesIt’s been well-detailed on this website how Lapp’s super cable connectors, whether they’re circular or rectangular, are some of the most highly-desired in the industrial realm, but what else can the company offer you?

With many excellent solutions across many different areas of engineering, here are 5 other Lapp products for you to consider.

1. Automation Cables
It’s no secret that Lapp are proudly at the forefront of the hottest new technologies and they have the excellent catalogue to prove it. Automation cables are gaining popularity as the field of automation grows and Lapp’s special selection offer the quality to keep your processes in the best condition.

2. Specialist Cable Harnessing
There aren’t many companies out there which offer such an expansive range of cable services like Lapp do and one of the very best is their specialist cable harnessing. Even if you wanted to build your harness from third party goods, the expert team at Lapp will be able to assist from the first point of contact.

3. Robotics
Just like automation, the field of robotics is a quickly accelerating one and one that Lapp have helped many companies worldwide with. As you can imagine, there are more than a few components to enable robotic movement and Lapp cables are adept at helping with this; you may well find them within feats of robotics at your local factory.

4. Quality Management
If you’re worried about the longevity of your cables or your current setup then it could be worth contacting Lapp about how they can help. The special team are perfectly placed to help you weigh up the value of repairing your components against the need to buy new instead and are essential reference points for any business.

5. Customised Cable Solutions
Want a very specific cable for a very specific purpose? Lapp are the people you need to get in touch with. Thanks to an enviable amount of years in the business and a dedicated professional team, they should be one of the first people to contact if you need new cables.


These are of course just a few of the service which Lapp can offer you – there are countless more to be found on their website at lapplimited.lappgroup.com. Contact them on 02087587800 or email sales@lapplimited.com.


Rubber Cable and Cable Connectors

rubber cableAs you might expect, cable connectors are often utilised as being a means of connection between rubber cable and ports. So, why are they so commonly used for that purpose?

Many connectors are made of only the most robust materials, meaning that they have the necessary longevity and durability to withstand heavy duty applications over time. A standard cable to port connection is vulnerable to all sorts of interferences which can damage its effectiveness and even in extreme cases, break the connection altogether
General abrasion (such as the connection often being stressed because of excess movement) is possibly the greatest risk that a connection faces as this will lead to the A and B point’s connectivity being frayed and eventually useless. With a connector, its long life and value is assured.

Another reason why cable connectors are so widely desired within the industrial world is that they are highly effective when it comes to preventing weather damage. Anything electrical is at risk from exposure to water so a standard connection between a cable and a port outside will be running the risk of failure and in extreme circumstances, pose a severe health and safety hazard.

However, if you opt for a sturdy rectangular or circular connector then you have nothing to worry about. The actual connection is securely housed, essentially meaning that it’s tucked away from a harmful environment thanks to the resilient metals which compose the connector. Always look to a connector made of steel if you want the longest-lasting connector for outside use as it takes longer to rust in adverse conditions.

Human factor is also another cause for concern when it comes to the suitability of your connection in the long run. For instance, an employee spilling materials on vital connections is a real possibility in a hustling and bustling work environment but with the simple implementation of a connector, it will be afforded some coverage from accidental damage.

For more information on how rubber cable benefits from cable connections, please contact Lapp UK via phone on: 020 8758 7800 or email at: info@lapplimited.com.


Selecting a Lapp Cable Connector

cable connectorsIn whichever industry you work in in whatever corner of the globe you reside, you will no doubt appreciate the need for the best in equipment for all your applications and practices. If you’re yet to, you should check out the possibilities provided by a Lapp cable connector when it comes to your workplace.

Internationally known for being premier suppliers in the best in all things cables, Lapp can provide you with the best on the market with the invaluable customer service to match. As some of their happy customers include the likes of Coca-Cola and those in charge at Wimbledon, you can be assured that you’re dealing with the very best.

As positively recognised as anything else in their superb range, the cable connectors from Lapp are widely believed to be some of the most durable and effective you’ll find anywhere and are exceptional terminals between two different cables. They have found a home in workplaces that require strenuous and high-pressure testing operations thanks to their robust nature.

One such environment you’d not find a cable connector being put to use is in the field of robotics. Robotics is forever changing and evolving therefore it’s vital that the supporting components are all up to standard. This is where cable connectors from Lapp prove themselves to be an astute purchase as the circular varieties in particular are essentials for smooth operations.

Circular connectors provide a smooth rate of movement when precision is important during robotics, particularly when it comes to car construction. Robotics arms have become a vital aspect of car engineering and manufacturing as they are capable of more precise work that a human workforce may not be up to. A circular connector is essentially the enabler of all of this as it allows for delicate movement to the nth degree.

In addition, if you want your connections to be of an even more durable quality then a rectangular connector is hard to beat as it is made of nothing but the most secure materials. Their effectiveness has been proven in BUS applications as they enable multiple connections with cables in a way that does not alter the quality of connectivity and transmission.

Still unsure if Lapp is the right supplier for you? Well, they can assist you in your requirements from the first moment of correspondence, something that others don’t provide. If you need any clarification on what differences there are between a gland and a hood, don’t hesitate to give the experts a call.

Contact: sales@lapplimited.com if you would like any further info.


Why Do You Need a Cable Gland?

cable gland

Cable Gland

In the simplest terms, a cable gland is a form of mechanical entry device which ensure the closure of two connections across many different platforms, such as a generator or a pump. They are known worldwide for their aptitude and affordability as conduits.

When it comes to what makes your cable glands, it is important to weight up how long you will need it to last for. If you require a long-lasting gland which will see you through the distance, always look to one made of the strongest materials but if you should require a temporary solution, invest in a smaller, more manageable gland that will simply get the job done for the time being.

So, why do you need a cable gland?

  • Protection for your connection against elements such as moisture and dust which can affect a cable connection’s quality
  • Helps to regulate pull out resistance with its excellent holding force.
  • Can come in a variety of different forms: explosion proof; shielded and flame retardant.
  • In an area where there are hazards, it offers robust protection.

The two most commonly used materials for the construct of a gland include stainless steel and nickel plated with it being commonplace for both of them to be in a single product to ensure longevity and reliability. Other more heavyweight materials are also recommended.

To help understand what kind of gland will be most suitable for you and your business, you should try to ascertain how applicable it is to your current cable set-up as well as its size, both in length and width. With a less than satisfactory connection, you will never get the results you anticipated.

It’s also an idea to think of where the gland will be in application and what sort of hazards it may be exposed to. If you are working in a potentially volatile atmosphere, be sure to invest in a gland that can withstand pressures and external interference.

This is just a small summary of what you can expect when you purchase a cable gland for your applications so for full in-depth information, consult a premier supplier who will be able to field your queries.


Key Differences Between an Industrial & a Commercial Cable Connector

cable connectorsAlthough both of them share the same simple task (to connect cables to a source), there are many differences in usability and adaptability between commercial and industrial cable connectors.

In the home, your cable connector can be something as simple as a jack lead. These small and often low priced products act as adapters to allow sound to travel from its source to an output. For instance, if you have a Bluetooth speaker but want to manage a wired connection instead, you’d need one of these auxiliary cables to make it happen.

Additionally, anyone who ever grew up with a games console in the 90’s to mid-2000’s will no doubt have used a SCART cable before. This innovation carried analogue visual details in standard definition. One of the most obvious forms of a cable connector, game consoles would use (and still can!)RGB cables which would connect to the SCART and then into the television output.

For industrial cable connectors, expect to see far more robust solutions which aren’t used for such lightweight practises. They’re commonly overlooked for their commercial cousins but in terms of usefulness in a practical environment, they cannot me matched.

Primarily used for manufacturing, the industrial connectors made of highly durable materials. The common plastics which you find in your auxiliary or SCART cables would not cut it in the workplace which is why the large majority of the industrial versions are made of nothing but the strongest metals, particularly externally.

The inner mechanisms of an industrial connector are also more complex as there needs to be a gland, base, hood and shell at the very least to maintain a top quality product – premier suppliers will be able to guide you each individual step of customising your unit.

As for their actual applications, either in circular or rectangular form, they are used for many feats of engineering, manufacturing and automation with its effectiveness in connectivity in robotics and other processes constantly being proven.

As you can see, although they share a name, there are many differences between industrial and commercial cable connectors and it’s always worthwhile contacting a supplier to find out which version is right for you and your business.


Cable Connector in Automation Boost

Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta: the UK’s top-selling car of 2013.

When building a car, one of the most important tools for your consideration are robotics arms which utilise a cable connector for movement. They are capable of very slight intricacies but look as if they may have am even larger workload coming up in the UK, according to reports of late.

Analysts have been puzzled by the sudden resurgence in the country’s success when it comes to the manufacturing and distribution of new automobiles. This is because the EU as a whole is going through a slack period with very little increase in either respect. Where some countries are keeping steady and just above the water, the United Kingdom is surging ahead.
In fact, there’s been such a high demand for these British based products that the glass ceiling set by the recession has been smashed and in some style. 2007 was the last year in which car sales excelled in the country but the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders have released very promising data.

A superb 2.26 million vehicles have been produced over the past year, a 10.8% increase from 2012 which when you look at it, is quite a handsome amount considering fiscal turmoil was only just settling after a few rough years in the economy.

However, producing cars is all well and good but you need the public interest to make sure that they are actually snapped. Thankfully, people have been clamouring to get their hands on the newest Mini and similar cars and as such, there has been a fantastic rate of production and turnover in the country.

The Best Selling New Cars in the UK

1. Ford Fiesta – 121,929

2. Ford Focus – 87, 350

3. Vauxhall Corsa – 84, 275

4. Vauxhall Astra – 68,070

5. Volkswagen Golf – 64, 951

So, what is it about Britain’s automotive status which has some other countries in the EU casting envious glances? Affordable deals on credit have become more popular since the tide of the recession turned and it’s these kind of offers on brand new cars which have been luring the consumers back in.

An expert within the automotive credit industry, John Leech, remarked: “The real story in 2013 has been the success of the Personal Car Plan offered by car manufacturers. Gone are the days where the consumer asks the bank for a personal loan.

“Car dealers now sell finance with the car where half the price is paid over 36 months and the remaining half is cleared by a bullet payment at the end of the three years.”
Yet more good news from analysts has emerged in the last few days with the belief that car sales can exceed the success of the 1970’s – a true purple patch of success for the car industry in Britain. The records from that era still remain and as companies continue to invest billions of revenue into the sector, statistics show that 2017 could be the landmark year.

“Ford Fiesta” by www.flickr.com/photos/autovivacom

License: creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/