SKINTOP Cable Glands

SKINTOPIf you work in an environment where there is the constant use of cables, it would be worthwhile to check out SKINTOP cable glands to ensure optimal connectivity is supplied across many processes.

Cables are brilliant innovations and have been one of the best industrial advancements to occur over the last century. Their uses are undisputed as they are capable of many different applications, from enabling power to your television to transmitting network data across the globe.

Being narrow and routinely implemented, your cabling can come under excessive amounts of pressure over time, meaning that the quality of its transmission will inevitably be affected, leading to a loss of performance and dependability – never ideal for those in the industrial sector. Even though some premier varieties of cable can come with durable exterior sheathing, they will always degrade in quality over time and lead to a loss of connection.

This is where a cable gland always comes in handy.

If the conductor of your cable becomes worn over time (as is often the case), it may become frayed and eventually unusable, making you lose money as you scramble to purchase a new one. This can lead to lost efficiency in the workplace so always look for a reliable and quality cable gland to enable protection for your connectivity.

By ‘clamping’ a gland to the end of your cabling, you can ensure that optimum connectivity is met and that the conductor does not become frayed over time. This is because the gland is made of durable material so that it can also withstand other pressures apart from movement, such as mechanical and chemical interference.

So, how does SKINTOP excel where others may fail? In basic words, it’s so easy to use that essentially anyone can compose the finished cable glands with little to no fuss. Its adaptability across many different applications is undoubted as SKINTOP is available in many different versions, meaning that you can always find the perfect gland for you and your business.


Why Choose Lapp Cable Connectors?

EPIC Lapp cable conenctorsThere are a few dependable names within the field of cables who you know you can rely on for the utmost on quality and reliability each and every time you buy from them. One of those companies is Lapp and they have the excellent client portfolio to prove it.

For many decades, Lapp has been excelling with their custom cable solutions and services throughout the industry. Lapp cable connectors are also recognised as being some of the finest available on today’s market.

In terms of offering a robust and effective connection for your cables, they are hard to beat as they are made of only quality material and constructed by professionals. As cable connectors are absolutely essential on outdoor construction projects and factory engineering, the absolute best connectors are required and the ones from Lapp certainly do no disappoint.

Connectors work in a simple way and can be applied by those without prior experience in some cases. As part of either a temporary or permanent solution, the end of your cable is securely housed and protected against rigours that occur within industrial applications. Sometimes a connection can be frayed at the port and result in a lack of output so it’s vital that you keep on top of the health of your connections.

Consisting of inserts, housing and contacts, the cable connectors from Lapp are assembled by the in-house team of experts who are renowned for their excellent end products. If you are new to the processes and applications of cable connectors, don’t hesitate to ask them for any information.

These great innovations primarily come in two different varieties: circular connectors and rectangular connectors. Which is most beneficial to your operations depends on the field of industry you are as rectangular connectors are more robust and therefore more suitable for heavy duty operations.

You can of course choose what makes your connector down to each individual part if you so wish. Lapp are able to build your connector from scratch or can provide you with a pre-assembled unit. Be sure to call them on 020 8758 7800 or email sales@lapplimited.com for more information.


Choosing a Manufacturer for Cable Assemblies

manufacturers.fwA good correspondence with the supplier of your cable assembly is always advised before you go ahead and make the purchase of cable assemblies. Not only does it help you determine which assembly is right for you but it also builds a relationship with them, leading to easier transactions for the future.

At their simplest, a cable assembly is often used to help to make a selection of cables into one easy and compact package. This assists transmission signals and also provides more safety in the workplace as dangling cable is a health and safety hazard.

Typically bound together by items such as clamps and ties, the demand for these innovations has soared to meet the demand for stricter safety regulations. Additionally, its popularity over recent years comes down to that during heavy applications, the forces of vibration are negated and electrical damages are effectively stopped.

An Experienced Background

Although some dues have to be given to those new to this field, it is always advised that you opt for a manufacturer who has a broad experience base. As they will be fully in the know on the ins and outs of cable assemblies, you can be assured that you’ll receive the best experience.

Application Knowledge

This refers to the usefulness of your assembly based against a certain process. For instance, an assembly for an industrial raid system being used for gaming will not only be a waste of your money but also your time.

This is why it’s essential to correspond with the manufacturer and really dig into their knowledge base. Any premier supplier will be able to provide full details on all aspects of the product and where it will be most efficient.


If you were to pick up the phone and questions some lesser manufacturers about how your assembly will be made, you may be met with less than helpful information.

However, a good relationship with a top supplier will pay dividends as they’ll be able to guide you through every phase of production. From initial concepts to product supplements, they’ll be able to build your item to the utmost in quality.


EPIC Ultra Cable Connectors: Why are they ideal for your application?

EPIC Lapp cable conenctorsThe Lapp Group have a wide selection of cable connectors available, with lines of both rectangular and circular connector housings. These have been designed to thrive in corrosive, electrically noisy or mechanically challenging environments.

EPIC Ultra is a particular range of housing that features nickel-plated zinc hoods and bases with stainless steel hardware. These corrosion resistant materials allow the new housing to survive in applications that would be challenging for housings that consist of traditional painted aluminum.

This range also features an integrated brush-style cable gland, which provides a fast and easy method to terminate a cable shield with a 360-degree, low resistance contact area. This feature forms a conductive shell alongside the nickel-plated housing, around the electrical contacts to virtually eliminate electrical interference.

The connector housing’s unique mechanical design improves both sealing and strain relief. EPIC® ULTRA’s built-in cable gland not only improves sealing and strain relief but also speeds assembly and eliminates a possible leakage point. Additionally, the lip seal between the top and bottom housing components has been recessed so it is totally enclosed by the housing when mated and latched. This design feature protects the lip seal from mechanical damage and exposure to UV radiation when installed outdoors.

Rectangular connectors are a system of housings, inserts and contacts that come together and provide robust, secure and easy to assemble solutions. There are a range of other connectors other than the EPIC Ultra variety including MC Modular, H-B Housings and HD Inserts. The latter is available from 3 pin contacts up to 64, but is dependent on your voltage and current requirements.

If you would like further guidance on ordering cable connectors, Lapp’s dedicated team are here to help and provide expert knowledge and advise you on the best connector for your application. You can contact them with your questions and queries by calling 020 8758 7800 or email: sales@lapplimited.com


Cable Connectors to Suit All Your Requirements

cable connectors

Purchasing a new gadget is very exciting, but have you ever been in the situation where you don’t have all the necessary cables the moment you pull it out the box? Perhaps you have all the cables you need, but you are not sure how to use them?

In your home you will no doubt have many applications which require cable connectors to provide power, visuals and audio to your home entertainment devices. For example, to get the best possible experience from your television it is often quoted that you should look into a HDMI cable for optimum performance.

In terms of utilising the internet, there’s been a lot of buzz circling around the use of fibre optic cables and for very good reason. They offer the highest in speeds for networking and are slowly being rolled out as the go to connection for the web. As it becomes popularised all over the modern world, it is now the norm to have this type of connection.

For more heavy duty processes in your house, you may in fact have items that require cable connectors without even realising it. It is worth noting that any household that uses photovoltaics such as solar cables for example will be dependent on industrial connectors to help the power to be consistent and flow with ease.

If you are yet to invest in solar panels to give you renewable energy, it could be worthwhile to contact suppliers that will guide you through all the requirements.

Suppliers of cable products and services will be able to provide you with the very best connection all your applications need. Whether they are industrial or commercial applications, cabling services can be tailored to meet your specific requirements for many environments.

If you require further information on cable connectors and cabling services available, you can contact Lapp’s dedicated sales team by calling 020 8758 7800 or email them at: sales@lapplimited.com




The Best Circular Connectors at Lapp by Epic®

circular connectorsLapp Group has a selection of circular connectors available in the Epic® LS1 and M23 range, with an innovative right-angled A3 swivel base connector also available to purchase. Assembly couldn’t be any easier with the patented top cover that allows for simple mounting without the need of any tools, as well as its ergonomic and compact design.

The EPIC LS1 is suitable for power connections whilst the EPIC M23 A3 connector is ideal for control signals, and are both for use by machine tool, motion drive and robotics manufacturers. The patented swivel base mechanism makes these unique in the market. The base mechanism integrates a ratchet concept, is protected against vibration and holds the connector in 15° intervals adjustable over a 330° angle. The design provides a clearly defines and constant movement of force, which prevents any unintentional rotation when mounted on the device.

Both circular connectors comply with the requirements of DIN EN 61984, are rated to IP68 and approved to UL, CSA and VDE standards. The panel mount configurations which both connectors offer, fulfil simple cable-to-cable and cable-to-machine requirements. Both connectors are ideal for control signal transmission and servo drive encoder feedback applications in the plastics, printing, robotic and machine tool industries. Additionally they are ideal for other applications, whether industrial and commercial, where a compact, rugged connector is required.

The range of M23 Connectors by one of Lapp’s most reliable brands, EPIC are available in seven housing arrangements. These can accommodate three different keying positions and inserts are offered in a choice of seven contact configurations, which are for mounting male or female and crimp or solder contacts. Rugged nickel-plated zinc body, plastic contact insulation body and gold plated electrical contacts are common to all arrangements. Arrangements that are cable mounted also include an integral EMC shield ring and a built in Skintop® gland.

When used in combination they connect one cable with another (cable coupler) or a cable to fixed wiring in a control enclosure or on a machine or motor. In order to provide positive identification and visual differentiation in multiple connector installations, a colour coding system in put in place. Alternatively, colour coded keying rings ensure correct mating selection in applications where several connectors are mounted in the same location.

On the other hand, LS1 power connectors are available in five housing arrangements and two contact configurations. Rugged nickel-plated zinc body, plastic contact insulation body and gold plated electrical contacts are common to all arrangements. For multiple connector installations, colour marking is used to provide positive identification and visual differentiation.





Control Cables in the Food & Beverage Industry

Control CablesThe Food and Beverage industry requires a wide range of power and control cables which must meet specific requirements. The use of control cables within refrigerated areas and moist environments means that electrical components must be resistant to a variety of stresses such as chemical, thermal and physical. One of the most important components when accessing control cables is it’s resistant to acidic and alkaline industrial cleaning agents. This is a crucial aspect to consider due to the tough hygiene requirements.

With these necessities comes a more difficult situation when finding the correct products. Lapp has a great range of standard and specialised products which meet all the requirements of food and packaging industries. One of their biggest clients is Coca Cola, meaning their priority for the quality of product for this industry is high.

A number of cables which Lapp can provide to suit your needs come from their ranges such as ÖLFLEX® ROBUST which is their cohort of flexible control and connection cables. These control cables are ideal for applications where they would be in contact with vegetable and animal fats and also dairy products such as milk, butter, cheese or meat processing. These cables are highly resistant when exposed to these elements making them very robust and flexible.

Lapp is also heavily involved within the Robotics industry with a range of cables on offer which are specially designed for demanding technology advances. The ÖLFLEX® FD range of cables is capable of handling the stress which is often placed on conventional cables, which can go on to cause fatigue. The notably flexible qualities of this range will be able to cope with more rigorous and heavy duty operations. Lapp has dedicated time and attention to the cable construction, noting each area where stress could have a small or large effect. In addition, this range also comes complete with a range of features which includes extra chalk, textile separator tapes and a specially formulated Polyurethane sheath for hydrolysis and microbe resistance.