Selecting the Industrial Right Cabling

When it comes to selecting the appropriate cables and cable connectors within an industrial environment, it often isn’t as simple as just picking the strongest looking type or perhaps the one which offers the best value for money. Cable properties vary, and many are designed for specific purposes and particular industries. When selecting cabling, you’ll […]

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Robotics Which Are Helping the Elderly

The integration of robotics into our society has been a constant theme in television, books and even in our news – producing very mixed feelings within the population. Many are excited for the futuristic changes that are taking place, however others are a lot more wary about accepting the use of robotics for manual tasks. […]

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Cable Harness UK

Lapp: Cable Harness UK Suppliers

Selecting bespoke cable harness UK supplier can make a world of difference when it comes to cable harnessing solutions. A tailor-made cable harness will be made to fit to your specific size requirements, whilst also being crafted from materials which suit the environment they are intended for. Cable harnesses can be customised right down to […]

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Cable Connectors For Robotics & Automation

We’ve seen countless films about robots taking over the planet, but with the ever-increasing advancements in technology, could this become a reality? Perhaps not in our near future, but there is one robot which has been taking over the game of ping pong, and have even entered the Guinness World Records for it. The robot, […]

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Hygienic Cable and Cable Glands for the Food Industry

Automation within the food and beverage industry undoubtedly comes into contact with a range of liquids and chemicals on a daily basis. Whether its strong cleaning chemicals or oils from the foods being processed, the cables connecting the machinery need to be designed and crafted to withstand these often harsh liquids. Thankfully, there are cables […]

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The Benefits of Cable Harnessing

Complex machinery requires complex cabling. When not efficiently organised, cabling can take up more space than is required, as well as becoming untidy and jumbled. The use of extensive cabling is unavoidable within the components of complex machinery, but it can be managed effectively. Cable harnessing not only increases space, it gives added protection to […]

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How Control Cables Support Industries

When think of a control cable as an isolated piece of equipment, you may not immediately be able to recognise their impact within an industry setting.  However, if you consider how they support the most advanced machinery of our time, you’ll quickly come to realise just how important control cables are. Control cables are used […]

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2016 Industrial Manufacturing Trends

Industrial manufacturing is finally recovering from the recession that hit the UK back in 2001 and 2008. With growth comes new technology in emerging markets. The consumer and businesses in general are demanding new technology in the process of moving forward with becoming more efficient with what each provider does. Undoubtedly, technological advances are being […]

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What does your cable gland do and why do you need it?

Cable glands are a type of mechanical entry device that will ensure that two connections are securely joined to create a fully functioning application. An example of this would be a connection between a generator and a pump, which is known worldwide for aptitude and affordable conduits. When it comes to cable glands, it’s important […]

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