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Credit: Guinness World Records

We’ve seen countless films about robots taking over the planet, but with the ever-increasing advancements in technology, could this become a reality? Perhaps not in our near future, but there is one robot which has been taking over the game of ping pong, and have even entered the Guinness World Records for it.

The robot, named Forpheus, was created by the Omron Corporation and can hold a ping pong paddle and play against humans, as well as teach them how to play. It uses its AI to determine the ability of the opponent, and uses vision sensors to keep track of the ball across the table. It also contains a movement sensor which focuses on the movement of the human player.

Cameras are also used to keep track of the ball, at an impressive rate of 80 times a second. The robot can also speak, saying encouraging things such as “Good job!” to its opponent.

Robotics often require cable connectors in order to function. Servo motors are used within robotics to control and regulate the motion of the parts, and require connection via cable connectors.

It’s not just AI robotics which utilise servo motors in order to control their movements. Within industrial applications, servo motors are used to control robotic arms which are responsible for tasks within manufacturing and packaging industries.

Servo motors are typically quite small, yet are incredibly effective for allowing precise control of positions and movement. Robotics within manufacturing industries that carry out complex or intricate tasks benefit greatly from the use of servo motors, due to the level of motion control that they provide.

Constant motion is essential for robotics within manufacturing industries, and so therefore the cable connectors need to be of the utmost reliability to keep up with the demand. It is because of this that the Lapp Group has created the EPIC range of circular connectors, which are specifically designed for servo motor purposes.

These cables offer high chemical and corrosion resistance, as well as being able to withstand temperatures ranging from -40°C to +125°C, making them appropriate for even the harshest of industrial conditions.

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A Record Breaking Robot
Forpheus can hold a ping pong paddle and play against humans. Robotics often require cable connectors in order to function.