Robotics Which Are Helping the Elderly

hospice-1821429_1280The integration of robotics into our society has been a constant theme in television, books and even in our news – producing very mixed feelings within the population.

Many are excited for the futuristic changes that are taking place, however others are a lot more wary about accepting the use of robotics for manual tasks.

If you still need convincing about the benefits of robotics, you might be interested to hear that some companies have specifically designed robots in order to help people live life with more ease, where it would otherwise be a challenge for them.

ASIMO was released by Honda last year, and if you’re not already familiar, is a humanoid robot which has been used for a variety of purposes, and especially to assist elderly people.

Affectionately known as ‘Carebots’, these robots are being developed and programmed to turn off lights and get food for elderly people who would typically struggle to do so themselves.

An alternative humanoid robot brand, known as Robobear was designed to help transfer seniors from a bed to a wheelchair. The Robobear can also carry out tasks such as helping patients to stand, as well as turning them over in bed for comfort. This is especially helpful for caregivers, who may struggle to lift their patients throughout the day.

The sales for care giving robots are set to increase exponentially over the next few years, with many countries investing significant funds into them. When it comes to caregiving robots, safety and reliability is paramount. Every part of the robot must be built to last, including all the cables within.

Robots often contain cable harnesses within them in order to keep the cabling tidy, as well as allowing more room for them to move as freely as possible. A cable harness assembly binds groups of cables together, typically with an outer sheath. An outer sheath made from a tough and durable material protects the individual cables within, offering increased reliability.

If robotics are made to be as safe and as reliable as possible, the future of robotics could certainly be a positive one.

Cable Harness UK

Lapp: Cable Harness UK Suppliers

Cable Harness UKSelecting bespoke cable harness UK supplier can make a world of difference when it comes to cable harnessing solutions.

A tailor-made cable harness will be made to fit to your specific size requirements, whilst also being crafted from materials which suit the environment they are intended for.

Cable harnesses can be customised right down to their colour, which can be very useful for making important cabling easier to identify. There is a wealth of options when it comes to cable harness design, and a good technician will guide you through the process.

With a bespoke cable harness technician, you’ll be included within the manufacturing process. You’ll be able to have input throughout the design process, prototypes and the final product, before it’s installed within a factory or similar setting.

Cable harnessing is a practical and incredibly efficient option within industrial environments which use a vast amount of cabling. Harnessing can be found within a range of both industrial and domestic applications, including car systems and televisions, right through to automation machinery.

Cable harnesses can help to make an industrial environment safer for the workers within. A large majority of workplace accidents are caused by slips and trips, and as many of us are already aware through experience, cables can be a huge risk factor when it comes to tripping over.

Cable harnesses also act to make an environment safer through protecting fragile cables. Often, cable harnesses comprise of an outer sheath made from a tough material. This material acts as a protective layer for the cables within, protecting them from abrasions, high temperatures and otherwise harmful liquids.

When cabling is tidier, it makes a factory easier to clean. Industrial environments which have to follow strict hygiene standards require regular cleaning within factories. Fewer cables make the task faster and likely a lot easier.

A cable harness assembly can also save you time in a number of ways. Since cables are protected with a harness, it means they’re likely to have a longer lifespan. This reduces the amount of time taken to repair cables throughout the year.

A cable harness reduces the amount of cables going into machinery and other areas within a factory. Fewer cables means less explaining when it comes to training new employees on how and where to install each cable.

Cable assemblies also make it easier and quicker to identify faults; subsequently reducing the amount of downtime should anything happen to malfunction. Downtime can be costly, and so an initial investment within a high quality cable harness is likely to save you money in the long run.

Cable harnessing within machinery and robotics allows them to move more freely. When robotics can move as freely as possible, their efficiency is increased.


Choosing a Manufacturer for Cable Assemblies

manufacturers.fwA good correspondence with the supplier of your cable assembly is always advised before you go ahead and make the purchase of cable assemblies. Not only does it help you determine which assembly is right for you but it also builds a relationship with them, leading to easier transactions for the future.

At their simplest, a cable assembly is often used to help to make a selection of cables into one easy and compact package. This assists transmission signals and also provides more safety in the workplace as dangling cable is a health and safety hazard.

Typically bound together by items such as clamps and ties, the demand for these innovations has soared to meet the demand for stricter safety regulations. Additionally, its popularity over recent years comes down to that during heavy applications, the forces of vibration are negated and electrical damages are effectively stopped.

An Experienced Background

Although some dues have to be given to those new to this field, it is always advised that you opt for a manufacturer who has a broad experience base. As they will be fully in the know on the ins and outs of cable assemblies, you can be assured that you’ll receive the best experience.

Application Knowledge

This refers to the usefulness of your assembly based against a certain process. For instance, an assembly for an industrial raid system being used for gaming will not only be a waste of your money but also your time.

This is why it’s essential to correspond with the manufacturer and really dig into their knowledge base. Any premier supplier will be able to provide full details on all aspects of the product and where it will be most efficient.


If you were to pick up the phone and questions some lesser manufacturers about how your assembly will be made, you may be met with less than helpful information.

However, a good relationship with a top supplier will pay dividends as they’ll be able to guide you through every phase of production. From initial concepts to product supplements, they’ll be able to build your item to the utmost in quality.


Cable Harness Assembly in the News

cable assembliesWith the supposed constant depletion of natural resources which are used for fuel, alternatives are considered regularly by energy experts. With plans for the world’s first fuel cell powered being unveiled, the future looks ever more interesting for the implementation of a cable harness assembly in automation.

The Japanese firm Toyota revealed their grand design at the Tokyo Motor Show to much aplomb with many rival manufacturers also planning energy conservative cars for direct competition after Toyota’s lines are rolled out for commercial use in 2015.

The official PR line from Toyota is certainly one with resounding confidence in their innovations:

“FCVs are powered by fuel cells, which generate electricity from hydrogen, which is not only environmentally friendly and highly energy-efficient, but can also be produced using a variety of readily available raw materials. Thanks to these characteristics, fuel cell vehicles are ideal for achieving sustainable mobility. Therefore, Toyota is striving to make this vehicle technology widely available as soon as possible.”

Hyundai are already in contention for mass production for as soon as next year with Honda expected to follow suit after a similar unveiling of their FCEV effort in the past week. Although not without its deriders, the market for fuel cell powered cars looks like expanding.

The main pulling power of these innovations that have raised eyebrows all over the industry is that they are completely emission-free. Suburban pollution is constantly on the rise with places such as China extremely polluted; partly down to emissions from cars and larger vehicles. According to experts, 16 of the world’s 20 cities with the highest levels of pollution are in China.

Although understandable down to the mass populous and industrial effects, there’s been a call for countries to attempt to decrease their pollution levels and this is something that automotive manufacturers look like trying to achieve with their economic machines.

How will this be achieved? Although it will patently be more complicated than it sounds, hydrogen is utilised for garnering electricity which can then power the engine. The excess from this process is purely heat and water which in its essence offers no negative influence on the atmosphere.

Conversely, fuel cells will be able to exceed the typical parameters (which can often be deficient) found in battery-operated cars. This means they will be able to travel long distances without the need for a long charge and this is a factor and almost blight for every electric car owner to consider whenever they take to the road.

With such high demand likely to be in store for car manufacturers for the foreseeable future after these recent announcements, the implementation of cable harnesses is also only likely to increase.

As they are such versatile and compact items which also boast safety, there’s always been a demand for cable harnessing across many different varieties. As they combine a plethora of different cables together, a cable harness assembly provides a much safer and dependable option when storing and maintaining your cabling across many industries.