Selecting the Industrial Right Cabling

industry-2147409_1280When it comes to selecting the appropriate cables and cable connectors within an industrial environment, it often isn’t as simple as just picking the strongest looking type or perhaps the one which offers the best value for money.

Cable properties vary, and many are designed for specific purposes and particular industries. When selecting cabling, you’ll need to consider the conditions they will be in, what types (if any) of chemicals they may become exposed to and what strains and pressures they may have to withstand over time.

Flexible Cables

Industrial factories which utilise automation and robotics will need to use flexible cabling within their machinery. Flexible cables can withstand constant motion, and won’t need to be replaced as often as a standard cable would in these conditions.

Safe Cables

Safety is a huge concern within factories, and so choosing cables which have a halogen-free or flame-retardant outer sheath can help to reduce the risk of potentially deadly fires breaking out.

Resistant Cables

Within industries where food and beverages are processed and manufactured, cables need to be specially designed to ensure that hygiene standards are met. Cables designed for the food and beverage industry are typically resistant to strong chemicals, as well as fats and oils. This means that they can be cleaned thoroughly.

Cables which are to be used outside should be designed to offer UV resistance, as well as resistance to wet and humid weather.

In areas where electromagnetic interference is fairly high, selecting cables which are made from materials which are resistant to interference ensures that the data travelling through can be transferred as seamlessly as possible.

Making the Investment

Investing in high-quality cables which are built to last in specific conditions means that they won’t have to be replaced as frequently, which also cuts down the amount of time repairing cables – not to mention the costly downtime which occurs when cables are broken or damaged.



Cable Connectors For Robotics & Automation

Cable Connectors

Credit: Guinness World Records

We’ve seen countless films about robots taking over the planet, but with the ever-increasing advancements in technology, could this become a reality? Perhaps not in our near future, but there is one robot which has been taking over the game of ping pong, and have even entered the Guinness World Records for it.

The robot, named Forpheus, was created by the Omron Corporation and can hold a ping pong paddle and play against humans, as well as teach them how to play. It uses its AI to determine the ability of the opponent, and uses vision sensors to keep track of the ball across the table. It also contains a movement sensor which focuses on the movement of the human player.

Cameras are also used to keep track of the ball, at an impressive rate of 80 times a second. The robot can also speak, saying encouraging things such as “Good job!” to its opponent.

Robotics often require cable connectors in order to function. Servo motors are used within robotics to control and regulate the motion of the parts, and require connection via cable connectors.

It’s not just AI robotics which utilise servo motors in order to control their movements. Within industrial applications, servo motors are used to control robotic arms which are responsible for tasks within manufacturing and packaging industries.

Servo motors are typically quite small, yet are incredibly effective for allowing precise control of positions and movement. Robotics within manufacturing industries that carry out complex or intricate tasks benefit greatly from the use of servo motors, due to the level of motion control that they provide.

Constant motion is essential for robotics within manufacturing industries, and so therefore the cable connectors need to be of the utmost reliability to keep up with the demand. It is because of this that the Lapp Group has created the EPIC range of circular connectors, which are specifically designed for servo motor purposes.

These cables offer high chemical and corrosion resistance, as well as being able to withstand temperatures ranging from -40°C to +125°C, making them appropriate for even the harshest of industrial conditions.


Hygienic Cable and Cable Glands for the Food Industry

cherries-1517973_1280Automation within the food and beverage industry undoubtedly comes into contact with a range of liquids and chemicals on a daily basis.

Whether its strong cleaning chemicals or oils from the foods being processed, the cables connecting the machinery need to be designed and crafted to withstand these often harsh liquids.

Thankfully, there are cables that exist for this very purpose. A hygienic cable will be resistant to potentially harmful microbes and bacteria, as well as possessing a number of additional beneficial properties.

Factory contamination of food and drink products can lead to the public becoming ill, as well as expensive product recalls. Bacteria can quickly accumulate on foods in conditions which are not completely sterile, especially food products which are particularly perishable.

Some strains of bacteria, such as E. coli and Salmonella can be potentially life threatening, and can be found and spread from raw meats. If food processing machinery is not thoroughly disinfected, this bacteria has the chance to accumulate and be passed onto a number of product batches along an assembly line.

As well as being resistant to microbes, hygienic cables are typically resistant to harsh chemicals. This is essential for cabling within the food and beverage industry, as the machinery used within the factories requires extensive and regular cleaning.

Cables which are not resistant to strong chemicals can quickly become damaged, which can lead to costly halts in production, and well as the risk of a fire occurring. Strong bleaches and other cleaning solutions can degrade certain materials over time, and so a tough polyurethane sheath on cables offers a good resistance.

These cables are typically resistant to contact with both animal and vegetable oils and greases, making them much easier to clean. The Lapp OLFLEX range of hygienic cables also possess a good resistance to ammonia compounds and bio-gases.

Ammonia is one of the most common chemicals found within cleaning solutions, within both households and industrial environments. Bio-gases are produced from the breakdown of organic matter such as food waste and plants.

With the constant need for strong cleaning chemicals on the machinery within food processing, a cable which has chemical resistance is just as important as its hygienic properties.

The use of hygienic cable glands is also essential for the machinery within food industries. Cable glands attach to, and secure the end of cables to their corresponding equipment. These cable glands, like every other part of the machinery, also need to be regularly cleaned in order to avoid contamination occurring.

The traditional cable gland design features grooves which can easily gather dirt and grime, which can be a potential hazard for certain industries. A specially designed hygienic cable gland will typically consist of no gaps, outer threads and edges. This makes the regular cleaning process much easier, as well as quicker.


The difference between circular and rectangular cable connectors

cable connectorsWhen it comes to cables, everything can be a bit overwhelming. Thankfully when you look for it, there is a whole range of information available at your fingertips. While there is much available for your personal reading, sometimes things are best left to the experts, so depending on the difficulty and your ability, you’ll have to decide what’s best. Here we will address the common difficulty in understanding the difference between different types of cable connectors available for your use.

Having the wrong connector in operation is not only a time consuming and costly problem for you, but also incredibly disadvantageous to business.

Circular Connectors

The most widely used cable connect is of course the circular one. While it is hugely common, the rectangle type is also, making it sometimes difficult to understand why there is a need for these two different types.

The circular connector head is especially useful when it comes to an application that uses servo motors and harnessing. While dependent on your working environment, you should use a supplier that will be able to assist you with any information or requirements, as they are in the position to give you accurate advice on all things cable.

Before purchasing a circular connect, you should understand its durability quality and decide if it is fitting with the application it is about to be deployed into.

Rectangular Connectors

Considered for slightly more heavyweight applications than the circle version, the obvious distinguishing feature is of course the shape. You will primarily find the rectangular versions in processes where there is a greater danger threat to the cable. This could be through human error, hazardous interference or elemental conditions having an effect.

The fact that rectangular head connectors are less commonly seen is due to the fact that they are used in more industrial environments, whereas the circular connector is used across many household appliances.

Before plunging into the world of cabling and connecting up your applications, it is always advisable to consult the cable experts at organisations such as Lapp, as they are able to offer sound advice that keeps things efficient and moreover, safe.

Solar Connectors

A relatively new addition to the cable connector scene, the solar connectors are set to grow significantly with the embracing of solar energy. Somewhat once seen as a gimmick, the solar energy demand is growing significantly, and expects to reach the point where at least a house on every road will be seen to have a solar panel on their roof.

To achieve the best performance from your solar energy, the most effective transmission of the power is necessary. If your applications are constantly exposed to heat as many are, it will be totally worthwhile to engage in some preventative and protective strategies in the form of suitable connectors.



Image by ‘shieldconnectors’ / Licence


Industrial or Commercial Cable Connectors?

cable connectorWhen it comes to choosing cable connectors you will be tasked with understanding the different types available to you. Put simply there are two main categories when it comes to cable connectors: industrial and commercial.

Cable connectors are vital for undertaking the simple task of connecting cables to its source. There can be a huge number of differences in the usability and adaptability between these two large groups of cable. After a simple look around your house, you’ll quickly come across many products and appliances that employ cable connectors. You sound system, games console, television and satellite box are all examples of everyday appliances that use this type of connector. Without these, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy these important living devices.

Games consoles from the 90s to the 00’s used a SCART cable – now replaces by the HDMi. This innovation allowed visuals to be carried from the console to the television. RGB cables would carry into the SCART connectors. While these cable connectors are incredibly important and put into perspective how common they are across life, they are by no means suited to take on more robust applications.

Industrial cable connectors are not as widely thought of by your average person. That is because they don’t have daily interaction with the use and installation of such industrial products. Industrial versions are excellent pieces of equipment, which cannot be replaced by their famous commercial counterparts.
Robust cable connectors can be made from hugely durable materials, allowing them to be used in the most testing conditions. Commercial connectors such as SCART will simply be unable to cope with the intensity level required by the application. Strong metals are the most resilient and are commonly used externally within a number of processes.
The interior mechanisms of an industrial cable are much more complex than that of a commercial one. There needs to be a gland, base, hood and shell at the very least that maintains a top quality product, and premier suppliers will provide you with the essentials to ensure a top quality industrial cable connector. The complexity has meant that industry has been developed to create custom cable connectors, as not all applications will fall into the industry averages, meaning firms such as Lapp have been able to develop their business services to supply a custom cable service.

The applications that industrial cables are used in are usually in rectangle or circular form, with a huge number used across engineering, manufacturing, automation and robotics, ensuring their connectivity.
Following the reading of this article, it’s clear to see that there are a huge number of differences when it comes to cable connectors, and if you should need to employ the use of them should consult experts in the field to find out what is most suited to your application.


Why Choose Lapp Cable Connectors?

EPIC Lapp cable conenctorsThere are a few dependable names within the field of cables who you know you can rely on for the utmost on quality and reliability each and every time you buy from them. One of those companies is Lapp and they have the excellent client portfolio to prove it.

For many decades, Lapp has been excelling with their custom cable solutions and services throughout the industry. Lapp cable connectors are also recognised as being some of the finest available on today’s market.

In terms of offering a robust and effective connection for your cables, they are hard to beat as they are made of only quality material and constructed by professionals. As cable connectors are absolutely essential on outdoor construction projects and factory engineering, the absolute best connectors are required and the ones from Lapp certainly do no disappoint.

Connectors work in a simple way and can be applied by those without prior experience in some cases. As part of either a temporary or permanent solution, the end of your cable is securely housed and protected against rigours that occur within industrial applications. Sometimes a connection can be frayed at the port and result in a lack of output so it’s vital that you keep on top of the health of your connections.

Consisting of inserts, housing and contacts, the cable connectors from Lapp are assembled by the in-house team of experts who are renowned for their excellent end products. If you are new to the processes and applications of cable connectors, don’t hesitate to ask them for any information.

These great innovations primarily come in two different varieties: circular connectors and rectangular connectors. Which is most beneficial to your operations depends on the field of industry you are as rectangular connectors are more robust and therefore more suitable for heavy duty operations.

You can of course choose what makes your connector down to each individual part if you so wish. Lapp are able to build your connector from scratch or can provide you with a pre-assembled unit. Be sure to call them on 020 8758 7800 or email sales@lapplimited.com for more information.


EPIC Ultra Cable Connectors: Why are they ideal for your application?

EPIC Lapp cable conenctorsThe Lapp Group have a wide selection of cable connectors available, with lines of both rectangular and circular connector housings. These have been designed to thrive in corrosive, electrically noisy or mechanically challenging environments.

EPIC Ultra is a particular range of housing that features nickel-plated zinc hoods and bases with stainless steel hardware. These corrosion resistant materials allow the new housing to survive in applications that would be challenging for housings that consist of traditional painted aluminum.

This range also features an integrated brush-style cable gland, which provides a fast and easy method to terminate a cable shield with a 360-degree, low resistance contact area. This feature forms a conductive shell alongside the nickel-plated housing, around the electrical contacts to virtually eliminate electrical interference.

The connector housing’s unique mechanical design improves both sealing and strain relief. EPIC® ULTRA’s built-in cable gland not only improves sealing and strain relief but also speeds assembly and eliminates a possible leakage point. Additionally, the lip seal between the top and bottom housing components has been recessed so it is totally enclosed by the housing when mated and latched. This design feature protects the lip seal from mechanical damage and exposure to UV radiation when installed outdoors.

Rectangular connectors are a system of housings, inserts and contacts that come together and provide robust, secure and easy to assemble solutions. There are a range of other connectors other than the EPIC Ultra variety including MC Modular, H-B Housings and HD Inserts. The latter is available from 3 pin contacts up to 64, but is dependent on your voltage and current requirements.

If you would like further guidance on ordering cable connectors, Lapp’s dedicated team are here to help and provide expert knowledge and advise you on the best connector for your application. You can contact them with your questions and queries by calling 020 8758 7800 or email: sales@lapplimited.com


Cable Connectors to Suit All Your Requirements

cable connectors

Purchasing a new gadget is very exciting, but have you ever been in the situation where you don’t have all the necessary cables the moment you pull it out the box? Perhaps you have all the cables you need, but you are not sure how to use them?

In your home you will no doubt have many applications which require cable connectors to provide power, visuals and audio to your home entertainment devices. For example, to get the best possible experience from your television it is often quoted that you should look into a HDMI cable for optimum performance.

In terms of utilising the internet, there’s been a lot of buzz circling around the use of fibre optic cables and for very good reason. They offer the highest in speeds for networking and are slowly being rolled out as the go to connection for the web. As it becomes popularised all over the modern world, it is now the norm to have this type of connection.

For more heavy duty processes in your house, you may in fact have items that require cable connectors without even realising it. It is worth noting that any household that uses photovoltaics such as solar cables for example will be dependent on industrial connectors to help the power to be consistent and flow with ease.

If you are yet to invest in solar panels to give you renewable energy, it could be worthwhile to contact suppliers that will guide you through all the requirements.

Suppliers of cable products and services will be able to provide you with the very best connection all your applications need. Whether they are industrial or commercial applications, cabling services can be tailored to meet your specific requirements for many environments.

If you require further information on cable connectors and cabling services available, you can contact Lapp’s dedicated sales team by calling 020 8758 7800 or email them at: sales@lapplimited.com




The Best Circular Connectors at Lapp by Epic®

circular connectorsLapp Group has a selection of circular connectors available in the Epic® LS1 and M23 range, with an innovative right-angled A3 swivel base connector also available to purchase. Assembly couldn’t be any easier with the patented top cover that allows for simple mounting without the need of any tools, as well as its ergonomic and compact design.

The EPIC LS1 is suitable for power connections whilst the EPIC M23 A3 connector is ideal for control signals, and are both for use by machine tool, motion drive and robotics manufacturers. The patented swivel base mechanism makes these unique in the market. The base mechanism integrates a ratchet concept, is protected against vibration and holds the connector in 15° intervals adjustable over a 330° angle. The design provides a clearly defines and constant movement of force, which prevents any unintentional rotation when mounted on the device.

Both circular connectors comply with the requirements of DIN EN 61984, are rated to IP68 and approved to UL, CSA and VDE standards. The panel mount configurations which both connectors offer, fulfil simple cable-to-cable and cable-to-machine requirements. Both connectors are ideal for control signal transmission and servo drive encoder feedback applications in the plastics, printing, robotic and machine tool industries. Additionally they are ideal for other applications, whether industrial and commercial, where a compact, rugged connector is required.

The range of M23 Connectors by one of Lapp’s most reliable brands, EPIC are available in seven housing arrangements. These can accommodate three different keying positions and inserts are offered in a choice of seven contact configurations, which are for mounting male or female and crimp or solder contacts. Rugged nickel-plated zinc body, plastic contact insulation body and gold plated electrical contacts are common to all arrangements. Arrangements that are cable mounted also include an integral EMC shield ring and a built in Skintop® gland.

When used in combination they connect one cable with another (cable coupler) or a cable to fixed wiring in a control enclosure or on a machine or motor. In order to provide positive identification and visual differentiation in multiple connector installations, a colour coding system in put in place. Alternatively, colour coded keying rings ensure correct mating selection in applications where several connectors are mounted in the same location.

On the other hand, LS1 power connectors are available in five housing arrangements and two contact configurations. Rugged nickel-plated zinc body, plastic contact insulation body and gold plated electrical contacts are common to all arrangements. For multiple connector installations, colour marking is used to provide positive identification and visual differentiation.





Selecting a Lapp Cable Connector

cable connectorsIn whichever industry you work in in whatever corner of the globe you reside, you will no doubt appreciate the need for the best in equipment for all your applications and practices. If you’re yet to, you should check out the possibilities provided by a Lapp cable connector when it comes to your workplace.

Internationally known for being premier suppliers in the best in all things cables, Lapp can provide you with the best on the market with the invaluable customer service to match. As some of their happy customers include the likes of Coca-Cola and those in charge at Wimbledon, you can be assured that you’re dealing with the very best.

As positively recognised as anything else in their superb range, the cable connectors from Lapp are widely believed to be some of the most durable and effective you’ll find anywhere and are exceptional terminals between two different cables. They have found a home in workplaces that require strenuous and high-pressure testing operations thanks to their robust nature.

One such environment you’d not find a cable connector being put to use is in the field of robotics. Robotics is forever changing and evolving therefore it’s vital that the supporting components are all up to standard. This is where cable connectors from Lapp prove themselves to be an astute purchase as the circular varieties in particular are essentials for smooth operations.

Circular connectors provide a smooth rate of movement when precision is important during robotics, particularly when it comes to car construction. Robotics arms have become a vital aspect of car engineering and manufacturing as they are capable of more precise work that a human workforce may not be up to. A circular connector is essentially the enabler of all of this as it allows for delicate movement to the nth degree.

In addition, if you want your connections to be of an even more durable quality then a rectangular connector is hard to beat as it is made of nothing but the most secure materials. Their effectiveness has been proven in BUS applications as they enable multiple connections with cables in a way that does not alter the quality of connectivity and transmission.

Still unsure if Lapp is the right supplier for you? Well, they can assist you in your requirements from the first moment of correspondence, something that others don’t provide. If you need any clarification on what differences there are between a gland and a hood, don’t hesitate to give the experts a call.

Contact: sales@lapplimited.com if you would like any further info.