What does your cable gland do and why do you need it?

cable glands

Cable glands are a type of mechanical entry device that will ensure that two connections are securely joined to create a fully functioning application. An example of this would be a connection between a generator and a pump, which is known worldwide for aptitude and affordable conduits.

When it comes to cable glands, it’s important to outline just how long it needs to last and what purpose it serves. Long lasting glands see you through the distance, ensuring that you are looking into the strongest materials. Should you need a temporary solution, smaller, easy to attach types are available, ensuring you are working perfectly.

The protections of your connections are important for moisture protection, along with dust defence that can have influence on connections quality. Cable glands will ensure that your application is working at its full holding force that will allow you to regulate pull.

Two of the most commonly used materials to make these cable glands include stainless steel, nickel plate among a host of other heavier weight materials. Different cable glands are suited to different applications, dependant on the weight and force of your process’ workload. It’s important that you use a gland that has good connection, able to withstand requires pressures as well as internal interference.

A quality supplier of cable glands can ensure that you meet your requirements even down to the smallest detail, adjusting your needs with particular regards to housings, inserts, contact and cable glands.

Extremely helpful when it comes to ensuring health, hygiene and safety, they can be a huge asset to electrical power, telecommunication and control cables. Versatile and robust products will ensure a single gland would last for many years, even under strenuous conditions.

Lapp UK are a firm that can provide you with the perfect cable glands for your application, ensuring that you are ready to go within your connection needs.


SKINTOP Cable Glands

SKINTOPIf you work in an environment where there is the constant use of cables, it would be worthwhile to check out SKINTOP cable glands to ensure optimal connectivity is supplied across many processes.

Cables are brilliant innovations and have been one of the best industrial advancements to occur over the last century. Their uses are undisputed as they are capable of many different applications, from enabling power to your television to transmitting network data across the globe.

Being narrow and routinely implemented, your cabling can come under excessive amounts of pressure over time, meaning that the quality of its transmission will inevitably be affected, leading to a loss of performance and dependability – never ideal for those in the industrial sector. Even though some premier varieties of cable can come with durable exterior sheathing, they will always degrade in quality over time and lead to a loss of connection.

This is where a cable gland always comes in handy.

If the conductor of your cable becomes worn over time (as is often the case), it may become frayed and eventually unusable, making you lose money as you scramble to purchase a new one. This can lead to lost efficiency in the workplace so always look for a reliable and quality cable gland to enable protection for your connectivity.

By ‘clamping’ a gland to the end of your cabling, you can ensure that optimum connectivity is met and that the conductor does not become frayed over time. This is because the gland is made of durable material so that it can also withstand other pressures apart from movement, such as mechanical and chemical interference.

So, how does SKINTOP excel where others may fail? In basic words, it’s so easy to use that essentially anyone can compose the finished cable glands with little to no fuss. Its adaptability across many different applications is undoubted as SKINTOP is available in many different versions, meaning that you can always find the perfect gland for you and your business.


Why Do You Need a Cable Gland?

cable gland

Cable Gland

In the simplest terms, a cable gland is a form of mechanical entry device which ensure the closure of two connections across many different platforms, such as a generator or a pump. They are known worldwide for their aptitude and affordability as conduits.

When it comes to what makes your cable glands, it is important to weight up how long you will need it to last for. If you require a long-lasting gland which will see you through the distance, always look to one made of the strongest materials but if you should require a temporary solution, invest in a smaller, more manageable gland that will simply get the job done for the time being.

So, why do you need a cable gland?

  • Protection for your connection against elements such as moisture and dust which can affect a cable connection’s quality
  • Helps to regulate pull out resistance with its excellent holding force.
  • Can come in a variety of different forms: explosion proof; shielded and flame retardant.
  • In an area where there are hazards, it offers robust protection.

The two most commonly used materials for the construct of a gland include stainless steel and nickel plated with it being commonplace for both of them to be in a single product to ensure longevity and reliability. Other more heavyweight materials are also recommended.

To help understand what kind of gland will be most suitable for you and your business, you should try to ascertain how applicable it is to your current cable set-up as well as its size, both in length and width. With a less than satisfactory connection, you will never get the results you anticipated.

It’s also an idea to think of where the gland will be in application and what sort of hazards it may be exposed to. If you are working in a potentially volatile atmosphere, be sure to invest in a gland that can withstand pressures and external interference.

This is just a small summary of what you can expect when you purchase a cable gland for your applications so for full in-depth information, consult a premier supplier who will be able to field your queries.


Cable Glands

Cable GlandsAn essential aspect of many working sectors is the right use of cables for the correct and most efficient running of your equipment. For a more streamlined production, it is an essential that all your cables and connectors have maximum connectivity and cable glands are a vital tool in accomplishing this.

Some of the more common applications for these superb fittings is for control equipment and for the machine tool industry. They enable a correct flow of electricity from its origins into the “hub” of the target area to help produce power.

Bulkheads are commonly known to provide issues when it comes to currents but glands are the perfect accompaniment to them. Additionally, they are regularly utilised in instances where the cable may need strengthening due to extensive pressure being exerted on it. It relieves strain and assures the product of a longer lifespan – great for any industrial businesses that are after reliability.

A highly versatile product such as a cable gland will inevitably come in many different versions, each suited to the tone of its application. Depending on the scale of the operation, the main materials which comprises the gland can vary from plastic, brass, aluminium and stainless steel. Plastic is ideal for lower-scale projects whereas a stainless steel counterpart is a must for larger operations where there will be great amounts of pressure on your cables continuously.

Cable glands are a help when it comes to ensuring health and safety guidelines are all met also. If you’re using a low-end gland which looks like it may break within a few uses, there’s a greater risk of it damaging the equipment and even worse, employees in the surrounding area. Therefore, make sure you invest in nothing but the premium.

Throughout the application of electricity, you will find that cable glands are a major asset when dealing with electrical power, telecommunication cables and control. As such a versatile and robust product, a single gland should last after strenuous activity for many years (especially in its stainless steel form).

The range of glands most suitable to you with a whole array of different forms for different usages is SKINTOP. Whether your cable is made of copper or if it’s something more lightweight such as nylon, you can be assured that the perfect cable is available.