The Benefits of Cable Harnessing

cable harnessingComplex machinery requires complex cabling. When not efficiently organised, cabling can take up more space than is required, as well as becoming untidy and jumbled. The use of extensive cabling is unavoidable within the components of complex machinery, but it can be managed effectively.

Cable harnessing not only increases space, it gives added protection to your cables against harsh elements and temperatures. It’s cost effective, and is often tailor made to your cabling requirements.

A cable harness will bind your existing cables into one larger and more efficient cable. You may have heard it being referred to as cable loom, wire assembly or wire loom – it’s all the same product.

Cables which have been harnessed are easier to manage, saving time when setting up machinery and taking it apart, which is especially important whilst performing regular safety checks on your machinery.

The tough outer sheath on cable harnessing adds protection to fragile cables which may otherwise be affected by moisture, vibrations from machinery and general abrasions.

In certain industries and their machinery, frequent exposure to chemicals, liquids and general wear and tear is unavoidable. Despite the majority of cabling being designed to withstand such conditions, an added safeguard of a cable harness should certainly be considered.

A good example of this is machinery within the food and beverage industry. Machinery within this industry requires regular deep cleaning with strong cleaning chemicals in order to maintain the strict health and safety standards which are currently in place.

When cables in machinery used for food and beverages are harnessed effectively, this reduces the potential risk of damage to cabling from harsh cleaning chemicals and liquids.

Lapp offer bespoke cable harnessing services for all cabling needs, to a range of industries. Whether you are within beverage, mechanical engineering or aerospace industries, Lapp’s custom and high quality cable harnessing will protect your cabling from harsh elements and general day-to-day wear.


How Control Cables Support Industries

rubber cableWhen think of a control cable as an isolated piece of equipment, you may not immediately be able to recognise their impact within an industry setting.  However, if you consider how they support the most advanced machinery of our time, you’ll quickly come to realise just how important control cables are.

Control cables are used to ‘control’ our electronics through delivering power and data from one module or component to another. Perhaps for a simpler household item, an advanced control cable may not be as necessary, but for industry standard machinery, only the best quality will do. In robotics in particular, control cables will be housed within past moving, components which are likely to twist and bend, thousands of times a day. With this in mind, your control cable needs to be built to tolerate such movement over a prolonged period of time helping your machinery to be as productive as they possibly can.

One of the many benefits of using a cable from an industrial supplier is that they have been specifically built and tested under industrial conditions. This means that they can offer guarantees to their reliability. Industrial cables require large data and transmission capacity in order to process communications effortlessly.

No one fits all when it comes to control cables and as you know, even in similar industries can produce products that can dramatically vary from each other, whether its automotive, food and drink or otherwise . This means that you’ll require a control cable with your needs in mind.

For the food and drink industry, you may want to choose a cable that won’t break down with exposure to vegetable fats and other raw ingredients. The OLFLEX® ROBUST for example, a high resistance to such ingredients, as well as hot and cold temperatures. Retaining its flexibility under all circumstances, OLFLEX® ROBUST is an incredibly versatile solution for many.

If it’s for automation robotics, the ÖLFLEX® FD provides an ideal solution, with unbeatable flexibility to prevent cable fatigue.  Its makeup has been entirely tailored to meet the high stresses of constant movement. They feature very fine wire conductor stranding with a high rate of twist to offer additional strength at the point of bending.

For mechanical applications the ÖLFLEX® POLYURETHANE Cables offer the highest immunity to mechanical and chemical damage. Tear, tangle and hydrolysis resistant – it is the strongest control cable of its kind.


2016 Industrial Manufacturing Trends

Production RobotsIndustrial manufacturing is finally recovering from the recession that hit the UK back in 2001 and 2008. With growth comes new technology in emerging markets. The consumer and businesses in general are demanding new technology in the process of moving forward with becoming more efficient with what each provider does. Undoubtedly, technological advances are being adopted to keep up, demanding improved automation engineering and superior automation cables for flawless results.

Some of the trends within the industry for 2016 are:

Everything is Connected – The ‘internet of things’ is certainly coming into play as more connected items are coming onto the market. From communication to automotive, we see a future of everyday objects being seamlessly connected to offer more accurate results from devices. Not only in production itself, manufacturing plans are using the internet to send and receive data, improving the efficiency of production. An example of this is the Stanley Black & Decker plant in Mexico. Through implementing WiFi integrated networks, Black & Decker were able to see ‘real-time’ results of production lines. The implementation resulted in a 25% increase of overall equipment effectiveness which demonstrates how technology can improve labour orientated production.

3D Printing – Still in its very early stages of implementation, manufacturers are adopting 3D printing as a means of building product prototypes quickly as one single piece of material. In the new stages of product development the time to create a product (and each of its structured parts) has been known to be a lengthy process in the past. Now, manufacturers can build multiple product examples in a fraction of the time it would take to build moulds, source suitable materials, etc. It has proved to be a solution to manufacturers who need specialised parts. BAE Systems for example, have used 3D printing to create a critical plastic part for a regional jetliner in the past.

Robotics – Robotics are increasingly being employed to support labour workers. Particularly in the automotive industry, robots are able to carry out what might be considered too strenuous for normal labour production with intricate detail. It assists well in production that required a very high standard of quality control or during production that might impact the health and safety of workers.

Augmented Reality – As computer vision and IT becomes more intelligent, it has been harnessed to make manufacturing environment more intelligent with it. Real-time data can easily be used to make all processes more efficient. Complicated machinery is able to provide its own operational training and breakdown recovery to the user through video clips. It allows for less physical demand and intervention by the user and encourages a safer working environment.


Automation Cables and Four Other Lapp Services to Consider

Lapp servicesIt’s been well-detailed on this website how Lapp’s super cable connectors, whether they’re circular or rectangular, are some of the most highly-desired in the industrial realm, but what else can the company offer you?

With many excellent solutions across many different areas of engineering, here are 5 other Lapp products for you to consider.

1. Automation Cables
It’s no secret that Lapp are proudly at the forefront of the hottest new technologies and they have the excellent catalogue to prove it. Automation cables are gaining popularity as the field of automation grows and Lapp’s special selection offer the quality to keep your processes in the best condition.

2. Specialist Cable Harnessing
There aren’t many companies out there which offer such an expansive range of cable services like Lapp do and one of the very best is their specialist cable harnessing. Even if you wanted to build your harness from third party goods, the expert team at Lapp will be able to assist from the first point of contact.

3. Robotics
Just like automation, the field of robotics is a quickly accelerating one and one that Lapp have helped many companies worldwide with. As you can imagine, there are more than a few components to enable robotic movement and Lapp cables are adept at helping with this; you may well find them within feats of robotics at your local factory.

4. Quality Management
If you’re worried about the longevity of your cables or your current setup then it could be worth contacting Lapp about how they can help. The special team are perfectly placed to help you weigh up the value of repairing your components against the need to buy new instead and are essential reference points for any business.

5. Customised Cable Solutions
Want a very specific cable for a very specific purpose? Lapp are the people you need to get in touch with. Thanks to an enviable amount of years in the business and a dedicated professional team, they should be one of the first people to contact if you need new cables.


These are of course just a few of the service which Lapp can offer you – there are countless more to be found on their website at lapplimited.lappgroup.com. Contact them on 02087587800 or email sales@lapplimited.com.