Circular Connectors

Circular ConnectorsSmall, compact and highly versatile, circular connectors are an essential cable connector in the field of servo motors and are commonly found in the automation sector throughout the globe.

The application of these innovative products is varied with them being available for use within cable-to-cable or cable-to-machine configurations and can come in the standard connector, coupler or panel mount versions.

Servo motors themselves are not a new creation and have been around for many years. Their success relates to their portability and ease of use which still retains a powerful output despite its relative smallness.

Anyone who’s ever had a remote control car will know that different mechanisms are required to make it function. A servo motor acts as the enabler for movement and is simple in its workings. All there is inside is a D motor, control circuit and potentiometer.

In an industrial sense, servo motors have really come to the fore in regards to robotics and in particular, the production of automotives. With the right circular connector, any servo motor is capable of outstanding flexibility and capacities.

Manufacturers will understand that the utmost precision is necessary when constructing a car and the correct and most advanced equipment is an absolute must. This is where Rectangular Connectors and in turn servo motors are desired above all else.

Since the emergence of robotic manufacturing, the robot arms have evolved to a stage where they need to be able to provide the smallest intricacy and will continue to do so for the future.

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