Selecting the Industrial Right Cabling

industry-2147409_1280When it comes to selecting the appropriate cables and cable connectors within an industrial environment, it often isn’t as simple as just picking the strongest looking type or perhaps the one which offers the best value for money.

Cable properties vary, and many are designed for specific purposes and particular industries. When selecting cabling, you’ll need to consider the conditions they will be in, what types (if any) of chemicals they may become exposed to and what strains and pressures they may have to withstand over time.

Flexible Cables

Industrial factories which utilise automation and robotics will need to use flexible cabling within their machinery. Flexible cables can withstand constant motion, and won’t need to be replaced as often as a standard cable would in these conditions.

Safe Cables

Safety is a huge concern within factories, and so choosing cables which have a halogen-free or flame-retardant outer sheath can help to reduce the risk of potentially deadly fires breaking out.

Resistant Cables

Within industries where food and beverages are processed and manufactured, cables need to be specially designed to ensure that hygiene standards are met. Cables designed for the food and beverage industry are typically resistant to strong chemicals, as well as fats and oils. This means that they can be cleaned thoroughly.

Cables which are to be used outside should be designed to offer UV resistance, as well as resistance to wet and humid weather.

In areas where electromagnetic interference is fairly high, selecting cables which are made from materials which are resistant to interference ensures that the data travelling through can be transferred as seamlessly as possible.

Making the Investment

Investing in high-quality cables which are built to last in specific conditions means that they won’t have to be replaced as frequently, which also cuts down the amount of time repairing cables – not to mention the costly downtime which occurs when cables are broken or damaged.


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Selecting the Appropriate Industrial Cabling
Careful consideration needs to be taken when selecting the appropriate cables within industrial environments.