Robotics Which Are Helping the Elderly

hospice-1821429_1280The integration of robotics into our society has been a constant theme in television, books and even in our news – producing very mixed feelings within the population.

Many are excited for the futuristic changes that are taking place, however others are a lot more wary about accepting the use of robotics for manual tasks.

If you still need convincing about the benefits of robotics, you might be interested to hear that some companies have specifically designed robots in order to help people live life with more ease, where it would otherwise be a challenge for them.

ASIMO was released by Honda last year, and if you’re not already familiar, is a humanoid robot which has been used for a variety of purposes, and especially to assist elderly people.

Affectionately known as ‘Carebots’, these robots are being developed and programmed to turn off lights and get food for elderly people who would typically struggle to do so themselves.

An alternative humanoid robot brand, known as Robobear was designed to help transfer seniors from a bed to a wheelchair. The Robobear can also carry out tasks such as helping patients to stand, as well as turning them over in bed for comfort. This is especially helpful for caregivers, who may struggle to lift their patients throughout the day.

The sales for care giving robots are set to increase exponentially over the next few years, with many countries investing significant funds into them. When it comes to caregiving robots, safety and reliability is paramount. Every part of the robot must be built to last, including all the cables within.

Robots often contain cable harnesses within them in order to keep the cabling tidy, as well as allowing more room for them to move as freely as possible. A cable harness assembly binds groups of cables together, typically with an outer sheath. An outer sheath made from a tough and durable material protects the individual cables within, offering increased reliability.

If robotics are made to be as safe and as reliable as possible, the future of robotics could certainly be a positive one.

Article Name
Robotics Which Are Helping the Elderly
Care-giving robots are able to lift and take care of elderly patients, making tasks easier for carers.